Just a Reminder

What you see is not always what you get

People tend to believe on things that they have seen, witnessed and experienced. The concept of truth depends on how it is depicted in the real world and supported by various facts presented by various sources.

However, there are times when the saying “what you see is what you get” is not applicable, and instances where fiction could be more of reality than the truth itself. But how can one know the truth when in the first place objectivity does not exist? Or if it does, how can one be truthful with the facts given every situation?

In our non-stop quest of searching for truths and answers, let us not be drowned in the whirlwind of lies. Always ask, research, experiment, and verify.

11 thoughts on “Just a Reminder

  1. It’s true, I rememeber reading about Nguyen Ngoc, although I didn’t really finish the article about it, but it’s all true, very true. “What you see is not always what you get.”

  2. i got your point but i think..iba ang idea na gusto iproject sang thought na ‘what you see is what you get’..indi ni siya literal na kung makita mo makuha mo.

    i think gusto niya i’imply na..if gusto mo siya makita,then dapat tulukon mo siya..daw amu bala sina haw..

    but on regards to what you’ve said..i agree ‘Depicting the truth is not always an ethical thing to do’


    • That’s also my point…it is not supposed to be literal.

      lMost media men only present one side of the story because of their reasons of course…whatever it is. That’s why sometimes those who are greatly influenced by the media would just conform to all the things presented to them without realizing that the facts could actually be with personal biases already…

      Thanks for clarifying things and for sharing your ideas…
      I really appreciate it..

  3. people believe what they want to believe, so reflect on yourself first, you need to know what u really are, what u are in for and stuff, after all reality is relative. and this is how i see this.

  4. when i know im on the right side of the story, i always stand for what i believe in.. i believe in things i have experienced but i don’t always believe in things that i have seen.. experiencing and seeing is very different..

    • Objectivity has always been a hot topic…well, if it really exists we will be expecting more write-ups about it…

      Thank you for dropping by…feel free to visit anytime…and don’t forget to share your insights with me…

      Good day 🙂

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