Geometric Psychological Test

Do you want to know yourself more? Are you in crisis right now? Do you think there’s more you can do yet you feel lost? Well, I don’t have the solution to your problems. But, I can help you assess yourself by doing this simple activity.

Prepare a sheet of paper, any drawing tool, and try to look at these figures.

Forgive my drawing. :)

Forgive my drawing. 🙂

Let’s start:

  • Rank them from 1 to 5. I means it is your most preferred figure, five means it is your least preferred figure.
  • Draw them horizontally: from left to right.

*Tip: the first figure that comes to your mind should be your answer. Don’t think too much.

In my case, this is my ranking.

mineResult Interpretation:

Figures and their meaning

Figures and their meaning

  • Label each figure with their meanings.


  • Number 1 represents where you want to be.

In my case, I want change. I find this true since I am actually striving to improve myself. I am currently in the process of a career shift. It is totally different m\from my previous endeavors so I am hoping to be the change that I want to be.

  • Number 2 stands for “What will bring you to number one.”

As you can see, I need vision in order to change. I also find this so true because for years now, I have been creating my own vision board: literally and figuratively. I believe that in order to change my current status, I have to visualize who I want to be.

  • Number 3 is where you are right now.

When I turned 21, I learned to value relationship more. In my case, it is my relationship with my family and friends. It is true in a sense that I have opened myself to my family. My priority is to be with them especially before and after my father died a day after Chirstmas. I didn’t seek jobs outside home. I worked online just to be with them. I also tried to reach out more than I used to. I was a typical self-supporting child back then. However, when my father became terminally ill, I realized I need to give myself to others, too. I can always hangout with myself but not with my family and friends. Thus, until now, I value relationships.

  • Number 4 is where you were in the past.

I define wholeness as doing the things I love and being able to live with my potentials and skills. This is also somehow true. Before I became so family-oriented, I was living my life my way. I fell in love, worked in the city, and enjoyed hanging out with my friends. During those times, I did not have any regret. I felt like a functional individual who juggles all aspects of life: career. family. love, and friends. I felt whole. I thought that it was the life I wanted. I was happy.

  • Number 5 is the aspect you have neglected.

This is the most relevant one. I neglected stability. I was too young and busy with my “Living Only Once” that I forgot I also grow older each year. After four years of graduating from my university, I still don’t have a stable job and career. Well, I am back to studying again and working as an online tutor, but I know I am not stable economically.  I also don’t have a boyfriend or my own family. My friends are getting married and having babies while I sit in front of my computer watching anime and reading manga. Emotional stability and the assurance of having my own family someday are just too out of reach for me now. Because of my awareness, that is why I desire for change. Somehow my result makes sense to me.

Have fun knowing yourself, too!

Surviving the Immigration: For First Time Travelers like ME!

My travel buddy/sponsor was my sister. I booked our ticket during the Peso Fare promotion of Cebu Pacific on July 5, 2014. Our scheduled flight from Manila to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was on February 1, 2015 (8:50 PM-12:25 AM- February 2, 2015). I have read too many posts on how to survive the Bureau of Immigration (BOI). Most of them were really extremes, so I was also very worried because it was going to be my first time.

I found this blog useful and you can also check this out. It has simplified information and the author travels a lot.

My sister and I prepared the requirements from the blog and we were all set.

I am a student so here are the things I brought with me:

1. passport

2. valid school I.D

3. School Registration Form (Form 5)

4. Bank Certificate

5. round-trip travel tickets (Iloilo-Manila-Iloilo, Manila-KL-Manila)

6. itinerary

7. hotel booking

My sister served as my sponsor since I am unemployed. She used to be a nurse in Riyadh. Here are the things that she brought:

1. passport

2. employment contract and other work-related papers

3. bank certificate

4. round-trip travel tickets (Iloilo-Manila-Iloilo, Manila-KL-Manila)

5. itinerary

6. hotel booking

*We also brought our NSO to prove that we are indeed related.

During the actual encounter with the BOI representative, I did not talk or say anything. I just smiled and smiled until she was finished interviewing my sister.

Their conversation was like this:

*My sister gave our passports and tickets to the BOI representative.

BOI: Kaano-ano niyo po siya? (What’s your relationship with her?)
Sister: Kapatid ko po. (She’s my sister.)

BOI: Saan ka nagtratrabaho? (Where do you work?)

Sister: Sa Riyadh po. Kakauwi ko lang. (I worked in Riyadh. I just got home).

BOI: For tour?

Sister: Yes!

BOI: Meron ba kayong itinerary at hotel booking?

*My sister presented our itinerary and hotel booking.

Our passports and tickets were approved. We waited for our flight smiling. We couldn’t believe it was smooth and easy as compared to other posts. By the way, the representative wasn’t rude or authoritative. She was polite and young maybe from 25-28.


1. Be confident

Don’t be anxious looking while answering the questions and be straight to the point.

2.  Avoid showing too many papers unless the representative asks you to do so

My sister had brought her employment contract and other related papers but she did not even use them. She only showed our itinerary and hotel booking when the representative asked for them. Just present your passport and ticket first as stated on the list of the “What-to-bring” items of the BOI.

3. Dress like a tourist

Be presentable. If you are going as tourists then dress like one. Don’t wear too flashy clothes or the opposite.

4. Pray

I prayed at the airport’s chapel in the morning to help us see the Pandas. (Yes! There are pandas in Malaysia).

After that, when we went to Mall of Asia, I saw some signs like a girl carrying a panda, socks with panda faces, an I Love KL shirt, and other things.We also got a lucky penny on the jeepney. Crazy! 🙂

Goodluck to you!

Level 1: Completed!


It has been a year since I ventured into a new journey. I am proud to say that I did not stay long being a NEET, I became a part of “EET.”


During the graduate school orientation 2013, I was very tensed. I was not sure if I was bound to enter the next level with my fellow “explorers.” One year passed, our number decreased. From being top 10, one by one, we became top 7. I am actually wondering if one of these days, I shall go AWOL, too.
But to keep the fire burning, I am going to be a hardy. I am lucky to have these wonderful and daring people around me. I am opening my windows. I am cracking my wall. I am welcoming the possibility that these once strangers and newly found friends, would be part of my exploring and growing up stage. With them, I can sing. With them, I can be gay. With them, I show a part of my “I” that I always mask by my “me.”

I am still surviving because of them. I study, I play, I laugh, and I open myself little by little. Hello Strangers! Let’s be friends!

Busy and in a hurry

Since all of use are all going to die, I might as well have my own bucket list. It’s a fact that I’m a member of the “generation teenage mutants,” thus, I claim the right to be in a hurry. My life credit might reach its limit soon. The month that I feared the most is over. I bid August goodbye. Hello September! With my not-so-bright-eyes, I look forward to what is in store for me. Let’s “unbox” the cat. It maybe dead or not, I’ll face it head on.

Life Credit limit Reached!

All of us are going to die. The healthy ones get hit my trucks or get shot by strangers. They were not just into the thinking that they’ll, too may pass away hastily. Does this mean, knowing you’re going to die is more advantageous than not knowing at all?

Since you know you’re departing, you get to do many things. You get to say you’re last words like it’s your last cause hell, it’s your last chance to do so. They say we should always mean the words we say. But, still. We hold on to the belief that we’re going to live 50 or a hundred more so we don’t keep our promises. And one day, we’ll end up saying “I should have…..”

So, money can’t buy life? We’ve been bargaining all this time. We’ve been spending all we can to extend our existence, and yet, the physical body cannot last; only the idea of us could.

This is the point where I wish my life is like in movies. This is me desperately trying to digest what’s going on. This is me denying this is actually been decided. This is me refusing reality.

Goodbye not Goodbye

July 4th marks the Independence Day of the US. This day, however, marks his goodbye not goodbye.
Two years ago, I made a promise.
Two years ago, I broke it.
I did not eat a thousand needles.
But sad to say, there are more than a million piercing me: right in the kokoro.

According to The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, “There’s a formula for how long it takes to get over someone, that it’s half as long as the time you’ve been together. How accurate this could possibly be, a calculation so simple for something as complicated as heartbreak.”

I agree with Hadley (the protagonist). This calculation is entirely unreliable. In my case, I’ve been with him for almost half a year. So forgetting him must have been easy since it was supposed to take 3 months for me to get over him. Well, if the calculation was accurate, I shouldn’t be in front of my computer writing this rant about his goodbye not goodbye.

It’s two years now since he left. Two years since I did not get up at 5:00 in the morning to see him off at the airport. Two years of asking myself if there could have been a difference if I only kept my promise.

Would have it change his mind? Like HIS MIND (as in heart)?

Ranting sure is tiresome.
I’m actually good with my moving strategy. I’m a gestalt advocate: “Nothing exists except now.”
But, it does not totally mean I shut my backdoor. I still get an access to visit my past from time to time as long as I don’t dwell there much.

So, cheers for two years!
Next, year, it would surely be better. A whole lot better!
happy 4th of July to the person who said goodbye not goodbye!


See you when you see me

Have you ever wondered why
I never say goodbye?
When you left I did not come,
I tried to hide.

With all these saddest songs, I tried to write
our story one more time
but i was wrong

you came and you left
I laughed and I cried
with all those words
your hands on my side

I said goodnight
you said goodbye